Custom Hand-Crafted Surfboards & Repairs

McHugh Boards are shaped and designed by a surfer for surfers

Timmy McHugh is the founder of McHugh Boards. From designing and shaping your dream board to repairing a broken fin, Timmy will work with you so that you leave a satisfied customer. With over twenty years of surfing experience, Timmy has learned from the best shaping houses in Southern California. Timmy uses his love and knowledge of the sport to help you create the ideal surfboard for your ability, surf break, and style!


Custom Surfboards

I can help you create the custom board of your dreams! Design the perfect board to match your style!

Quality Repairs

I can repair any type of board from the smallest ding to a broken board. Your board will look like it was never damaged.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re a beginning or an advanced surfer, I’ll help you take your technique to the next level.

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stoked Customers


Santa Monica

Timmy's experience really helped me get to the core of what I wanted in a board. He was very communicative throughout the entire process from finalizing the size, shape, and weight of the board to the final graphics I wanted on the board. I was very satisfied with the final product. Timmy's ability and design aesthetics is right up there with the best.



Not only does Timmy do a fantastic job at board repairs but he even makes customs! I came to him with a concept and he started working on it right away. He finished the project more quickly than I expected and the board looked exactly like I wanted. If you need a quick repair or custom board, Timmy is your guy. I couldn't be happier with my board.



The board works well on rail and is speedy. Definitely a versatile board to have in the quiver. Works in one-foot mush to 6-foot heavy beach break. Totally stoked on the board. I'm very impressed with Timmy's turnaround time and his attention to detail.

Why Us?

A Passion for Surfing

Timmy's love of surfing inspired a lifelong pursuit of developing as a surfboard designer. His focus is on both form and function. His expertise will help you create a bespoke board specific to your style.

20 Years of Experience

Timmy started surfing at age six in Malibu, California, and never looked back. For the past two decades, he has traveled the world surfing and has honed his craft as a surfboard designer.

Professional Work

Timmy has spent the last sixteen years working at the best shape houses in Southern California. For years he apprenticed under the famed Ray Promer of Clearwater Glassing in Orange County.


Serving Los Angeles & Orange County

Call, text, or FaceTime at (310) 428-1847

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